Our Social Times presents
Tuesday 6th December
9.00am to 6.00pm

Royal Garden Champs Elysees
218-220 rue du Faubourg Saint Honore, 75008 Paris
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Using Social Media for Customer Engagement & Relationship Management

Continuing our innovative series of social media business events, Our Social Times is hosting an unique one-day conference in Paris on 6th December.

Social CRM (Paris) will explore the latest tools and techniques for implementing a successful Social CRM strategy. We will look at how companies are managing their social media communications, how they are integrating social media into their sales, marketing and research processes, and how they are storing and managing data between teams.

Topics will include:

  • What is Social CRM?
  • How to develop your Social CRM strategy
  • Mapping your CRM system to the customer journey
  • Picking the right tools and services
  • The challenges of implementing social CRM
  • Case studies & best practise

The conference will be fully interactive with presentations, case studies, Q & A sessions and panel discussions. There will also be an Exhibition Area featuring many of the leading social CRM tools and services. The ticket price includes lunch, refreshments and a handbook and networking drinks at the end of the day.

Presentations & discussions will be in French, unless otherwise indicated.

Programme Highlights

Case Study : Voyages-SNCF.com and Social Media
Yaelle Teicher - Voyages-sncf.com

In 2006, Voyages-sncf.com launched it's mobile website www.voyages-sncf.mobi with the objective of creating an innovative new way of booking train journeys. In addition to this, Voyages-sncf.com has developed an operational approach to anticipating and responding to the needs of customers. As a result, social media has become a highly productive space for expression and dialogue for Voyages-sncf.com customers.
Case Study: Implementing Social CRM and Enterprise 2.0. at Lyonnaise des Eaux
Frederic Charles - Lyonnaise des Eaux

Lyonnaise des Eaux is working with two start-ups, JeeMeo, a European social CRM technology provider, and PlayApp, a French enterprise 2.0 change management consultancy, on a highly innovative project to adapt Social CRM to enterprise business processes. The project was selected in July 2011 by the French Ministry of Digital Economy as a priority investment. Hear Frederic Charles, explain the concept and strategy behind this fascinating project.
Case Study: Creating a Successful Customer Community
Quentin de Boissieu, Peugeot - Eric Dos Santos, Dimelo

In social media, as in real life, a good experience can strengthen the link between a brand and its customers. When company experts join the community and respond to questions this rapport only gets stronger and richer. In this fascinating case study about the launch of the new 208 vehicle, Quentin de Boissieu (Community Manager, Peugeot) and Eric Dos Santos (Dimelo) will highlight the process, challenges and benefits of creating a successful customer community.
Implementing Social CRM in a B2B Environment
Emmanuel Drouynot, BroadVision

Gartner says that 90% of spending on social CRM is for B2C use, but that spending on B2B sCRM will account for 30% by 2015. As a result, most Social CRM solutions focus on B2C, leaving B2B organisations wondering how to get started. This presentation examines how B2B Social CRM differs from B2C, sets out how to address these differences, and offers guidance for B2C organisations with more complex customer relationships.
Social CRM is about the Social Customer, not just Social Media
Mark Tamis, Social CRM & Social Business Strategist, Net-7

Social CRM as a concept is gathering steam, whilst at the same time is misunderstood to mean interacting with customers through Social Media. Although engagement through the Social Networks is part of the equation, it is just the tip of the iceberg, and once we dive deeper we will need to understand the impact it has on the way we organise our businesses. This introductory presentation aims to give an insight into the ramifications of engaging the Social Customers on the organisation and on what is to be gained.
Social Business and Social CRM (in English)
Tom Schuster, Vice President and General Manager, SugarCRM Europe

The rapid adoption of social media has created a new paradigm for doing business: it's called Social Business. In this presentation, Tom Schuster will set out how to make your business a Social Business and how to supercharge your internal processes through the use of Social CRM - and your own imagination. He will explain how to engage with customers in meaningful ways, capture customer data, drive revenue and build brand reputation.
Enterprise Social Networks - Social CRM Essentials
Anthony Poncier - Lecko

One of Social CRM's primary goals is to use clients as communication channels. By blending social networking and corporate social networks (CSN), Enterprise 2.0, with its incoming and outgoing information flow supports the organisation towards this objective. To achieve this close cooperation between staff, clients, suppliers and partners, companies have to change the way they work, not only to meet the needs of the various groups involved but also to make better use of the information received.
Discussion: Social CRM: The Customer Perspective

When discussing how to manage social customer engagement, it's easy to forget something rather fundamental: how does this feel to the customer? At our London sCRM conference, when asked if they were comfortable being "monitored" and having their data "mapped", 70% of the audience said "No". Join our team of experts for this open discussion on the customer perspective of Social CRM.
Discussion: Is Customer Services the Future of Social Media Marketing?

With the emphasis within social media marketing shifting from content to engagement, the line between marketing and customer services is becoming increasingly blurred. What is the relationship between these departments? What management structures and processes are needed? How can standards be maintained? And, ultimately, who "owns" the customer relationship? Join us for this fascinating discussion.


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What's included in the price?
  • A one-day conference in Paris
  • Refreshments (all day)
  • Access to the Exhibition Area
  • A handout with notes
  • Networking drinks
Who's coming?
  • Strategy level decision-makers
  • PR & Communications Managers
  • Marketing Strategists & Directors
  • Social Media Experts
  • Bloggers & Journalists
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Lecko (formerly Useo) is a French consulting firm dedicated to processes and new technology. We guide companies in their use of information management, collaboration and enterprise 2.0. Lecko shares it's knowledge through studies (trend analysis and usage patterns) at http://communaute.lecko.fr

we are social

We Are Social helps brands to listen, understand and engage in conversationns in social media - a new kind of agency combining an innate understanding of social media with digital, PR and marketing. With offices in Paris, New York, London, Milan, Munich, Singapore, Sydney and Sao Paulo, their clients include Unilever, Pernod-Ricard, Warner Bros, Lavazza and Eurostar.


FrenchWeb.fr, the magazine for French Web professionals, highlights French initiatives on the Internet. It brings together a community of over 12,000 professionals, entrepreneurs and experts. Media information, interviews with experts, fact sheets: Join the Frenchweb Club now to learn more about the B2B Internet!


Over the last 30 years, L'Atelier has been BNP Paribas's technology watch unit based in Paris, Shangaï and San Francisco. Its purpose is to help turn innovative ideas into operational projects, in order to optimise the way in which companies with multiple ecosystems function.


Consumers are no longer passive. You cannot force them into doing something they do not want to do. It is time for consumers and brands to engage in a new relationship. Vanksen helps you build that relationship. Vanksen is a communications agency that believes creativity and return on investment are complementary notions. Measures displayed by Vanksen catch the consumer's attention and aim to transform consumers into active agents in the amplification of a campaign.


France Mashable is a blog dedicated exclusively to news about the Web with a particular focus on the phenomenon of social networking and other online communities (Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Hi5, Friendster, LinkedIn, YouTube ...).

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Yaelle Teicher
Community Manager,

Yaelle is Voyages-sncf.com Community Manager. She's an expert in web strategies with over 10 years experience in agency and advertisers. At Voyages-sncf.com, Yaelle is in charge of the social networking strategy and extends the relationship that the SNCF has with all its customers through social media.

Frederic Charles
IS Strategy & Governance
Lyonnaise des Eaux

Frederic helps large organisations to roll-out technology and innovation projects. In 2009 he launched Lyonnaise des Eaux's internal social network and document management system. He is now working to extend this to engage with customers and partners. Frederic graduated from Supelec and has an MBA from Berkeley.

Quentin De Boissieu
Community Manager,

Quentin is Peugot Community Manager since 2010. His mission is twofold : to define and implement the strategy of the auto maker on the social medias and to educate various entities of the brand to the challenges of social media and help them adopt a conversational approach.

Olivier Fécherolle
Chief Strategy & Development Officer,

After 7 years of Human Resource experience in the automotive industry (Renault, Bosch), Olivier takes part in the creation of the website www.keljob.com in 2000 and quickly becomes the Managing Director. At Viadeo since 2008, he was first CMO, then Head of France in charge of development and communication. He is now Chief Strategy & Development Officer for Viadeo.

Maria Flament
Manager "La Voix du Client",
Leroy Merlin

Maria Flament, a customer service specialist, has worked for Leroy Merlin for more than 20 years. She joined the company in 1990 as Head of Human ressources and she has held this position for seven years. Then, she became head of customer service for 2 years before joining the marketing department where she took over the animation of customer satisfaction team as Head of "Voice of the Customer"

Anthony Poncier
Director, Management & Enterprise 2.0,
Lecko (formerly Useo)

A highly experienced consultant, Anthony has a PhD in Contemporary History and a Master's degree in Strategic Management and Competitive Intelligence and regularly publishes articles for print and online magazines. He has taught International Relations at Paris X Nanterre and NICT at IUFM Paris.

Tom Schuster
Vice President & General Manager of SugarCRM Europe,

A native of South Africa, Tom brings over 25 years of high technology management experience to SugarCRM and operates out of the company's European headquarters in Munich, Germany. Most recently, Tom was CEO of Reva Networks, a leading supplier of RFID products. Previously, Tom was president of Arbor Networks, a network security appliance vendor, where he led the company's global expansion.

Luke Brynley-Jones
Our Social Times

Having worked with clients as varied as British Airways, YMCA and Mecca Bingo over the past 12 years, Luke is one of the UK's most experienced social media consultants. A regular conference host and speaker, he specialises in social media marketing, monitoring and engagement.

Mark Tamis
Social CRM & Social Business Strategist,

Mark Tamis is an expert in Social CRM with Enterprise 2.0 with a strong CRM and business process management background. He is a founder of Paris-based technology consultancy, Net-7.

Loic Moisand
Co-Founder & CEO,

Loic co-founded Synthesio in 2006 with the idea of providing marketing and communication departments with monitoring and analytics services tailored for the web. Based in Paris, the company recently opened offices in the US and UK.

Sandrine Plasseraud
Managing Director,
We Are Social France

Sandrine joined We Are Social in 2008 before setting up We Are Social France in 2010. With over 10 years of marketing experience, her clients include Sarenza, Lavazza, Reed Midem, Monster and La Banque Postale.

Emmanuel Drouynot
Business Developer,

Emmanuel is leading business development for BroadVision in France, with a main focus on social business and Enterprise social networking. Based on BroadVision's solution Clearvale, he aims to socially engage each company's whole ecosystem - from customers and partners to employees.

Eric Dos Santos
Managing Director,

Eric oversees the business strategy of Dimelo, the European leader of SocialCRM software he co-founded in 2006. Dimelo help brands such as SNCF, Bouygues Telecom, Danone, 3 Suisses, Peugeot to leverage social media as a powerful way to augment returns of their CRM initiatives, whether in sales, marketing, customer service or customer insights.

Laurent Buanec
Head of New Media,

With 14 years of experience in marketing and communication, Laurent has been building social media expertise within Mindshare in France for 4 years. Since January 2011 he has been leading social media activities for GroupM in France. He also writes for Adverblog.

Sebastien Rousset
Product Manager - Socialomate

Sébastien co-founded PowerOn a 360° webmarketing agency specialized in Social Media Marketing. He has engaged the development of several products & services around Twitter and blogs.

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